Great Software to be part of backup plan / strategy

I am a K-12 public School District in Arizona and I am using Duplicati as part of my backup plan / strategy. With our very limited budgets, this is not only an affordable solution; it is also a solution that works much better than paid one’s. I am still setting the based backups. So far, I have a couple TB done and already used it for one user who needed a previous version of a document. I would love to provide a donation but as a K-12 school district, it is challenging. However, I will direct anyone who would like to make a contribution to make one to Duplicati. On behave to all the children we serve as a K-12 school, thank you to all the developers and other volunteers behind this project.


Thank you for taking the time to let us know how Duplicati has worked for you! :smiley:

Thanks for the kinds words. I am very happy to hear that it works for you!

I know that some companies need to get an invoice etc. We have set up an “OpenCollective” group that you can direct people to if they want to donate with documentation: