"Got 1 warning(s)", which one?

I frequently get a message “Got 1 warning(s)”.

Clicking on “[Show]” brings me to the task log, which does not have any warning or error messages for last couple of weeks, and nothing suspicious in today’s events.

The log under “[About]” - “[Show log]” has nothing for today (it shows old warnings that I have dismissed long ago).

Where else can I look for the text of this warning?

(It matters because that warning may affect the ability to restore the file in who knows what way.)

I have the latest (July 2019) version, installed as service. I have some features enabled, such as run-script-after, snapshot-policy on, usn-policy on. I have some large open files in the backup set, such as multi-gigabite PST opened by Outlook.

The issue is not stable: usually the backup finishes without problems, but sometimes this message pops up.

This one was causing a warning for me if the script took more than 1 minute to complete (the default timeout value). I couldn’t figure it out at first because the warning wasn’t logged in the backup results. Instead it was only visible to me if I kept a Duplicati / About / Show Log / Live - Warning window visible during backup. At the end I could see it was a Warning due to script timeout, which I fixed by adjusting this setting:


Occasionally I would also get a warning because of --snapshot-policy=On - sometimes another snapshot was in progress. I changed it to --snapshot-policy=Auto to suppress those warnings because they weren’t really important to me.

You got the two main places, but if they’re not helping you could also try live log in same or different tab to see if anything appears at Warning level. For unattended monitor, you could also set a –log-file to read as needed.