Google Drive restore slow


I’m restoring some files from google drive…
the speed is approximatly 3MB/s out of my full 8MB/s download speed…


If that 3MB/s number is coming from a bandwidth tool then nope - Duplicati is just downloading files so there’s probably just congestion on your network (maybe the neighbors are watching Netflix).

If that’s a Duplicati reported number then it probably includes the time spent decrypting and uncompressing the dblock files and re-assembling block into your data. Try to make sure nothing else is running on your PC so CPU, memory, and disk I/O are available for Duplicati to use.

You could also try setting your temp folder to a ramdrive so your not hitting your “slow” hard disk as much with file handling.

there’re no congestion on network.
I was trying to restore a old db backup (of 24th december).
the strange fact is:

  1. duplicati downloaded at 3MB/s the film sqlite db of 24th december
  2. then duplicati downloaded at 8MB/s the film sqlite db of 25th december (don’t know why)

I flagged to make a file version with timestamp in original folder to not cover actual film sqlite db…

If you didn’t change anything in Duplicati then it must have been something external. Maybe Google was having a bad day. :slight_smile: