Google drive rclone mount as a source (ubuntu)


Whenever I start the backup process, it crashes after few dozens of seconds.
My backup destination is on the same gdrive account, but I do don’t think it matters.
Did anyone try that?
Where could I see the log to find out what actually goes wrong?


Are you using the GUI? In that case there should be a crashlog.txt file in %APPDATA%Duplicati (Windows) or ~/.config/Duplicati (Linux/macOS).

If you are using the commandline, try adding --verbose --debug-output to see if it hints at where it crashes.

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I am using GUI
is there a way to easily generate (or read somewhere) the command line the GUI is creating?
I could use that

Yes! Click the backup name, then choose the “Export…” link under it, and pick “Export as commandline”, then click “Export” and you will see it.

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Thank you soo much.
This was it. At the end I only had to rebuilt the database.

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