Google Drive Paths not working

I’m using this path:
googledrive://My Drive/_BACKUPS/ONYX

And can’t get it to recognize a folder that already exists. I’ve had this problem in the past and what usually happens is it asks “The folder googledrive://My Drive/_BACKUPS/ONYX/ does not exist. Create it now?” and I click yes then it creates a duplicate directory- something that shouldn’t be possible to begin with.

Is there something I’m missing here? Does “googledrive” need to be something else?

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Google Drive has the (unusual for computers) ability to hold duplicates, because name is just a property:


If I go to, do two right-click New folder with name of test1, I wind up with both.

If I go to Duplicati and try to put a backup there, it can’t see either, so offers to make one. I say to. All OK.

The reason Duplicati can’t see the old two is because Google Drive also encourages applications to only have access to things that they create. This is safer than allowing total access, which they might prevent.

Enhancing security controls for Google Drive third-party apps

If you have something that Duplicati can’t see, go to Google Drive to see who created it (last line above).

Duplicati OAuth Handler can still give you an AuthID for full access, but Google could kill this at any time:


This may or may not explain your results. It might explain “can’t get it to recognize”, and it explains results where Duplicati can make duplicate directory. Are you saying it won’t do that, or just seek an explanation?

The Google Drive section of the manual could say a few words about this, but it’s a little hard to explain…

Authenticate your users

Thanks, using the full access oauth ID and using this path:

worked for some reason.
Maybe the documentation should be updated so that users know that this behavior exists since I couldn’t find it anywhere else.

Who made that path (see details, per my screenshot)? If it was not Duplicati and is empty, try deleting it.
Then see if Duplicati can create it. Using the full access login is a risk as Google might kill it someday…

That was a directory I made in google drive either in web browser on through the desktop app. It’s the same directory I mentioned earlier but it seems to only work if I don’t have the “googledrive://My Drive/” portion. If it goes down for some reason I’ll know to refresh the full access OAuth since I’m running this on my personal PC.

This will achieve nothing at all to regain access, if Google really disallows this. It’s a great test though…

The only time the first part should be used is if you’re using the true command line interface. If in GUI, Google Drive is known because you chose it from Storage Type dropdown. Only put the path in Path.
Assuming _BACKUPS is your top-level folder, _BACKUPS/ONYX should be enough to take you there
however you won’t see the folder unless Duplicati made it, so consider deleting it if it’s not now in use.

If it is now in use, then Duplicati will possibly object to the other contents. Give it its own backup folder.

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