Google drive different upload speed

I have installed Duplicati on 2 different location:

1st location Ubuntu 17.10, Internet 300/50 (optical fiber), 24 GB RAM, Intel I7 processor
-Google drive upload speed 50 mbits

2nd location Windows 2008, Internet 600/300 (optical fiber), 32 GB RAM, 2 Intel Xeon processors
-Google drive upload speed only 13 mbits

Both locations are having the same Duplicati configuration (default settings).

Does anybody know what should be the reason Ubuntu computer have 5-times higher upload than Windows?


2nd location

  • 2 GB upload via Duplicati took ~27 minutes
  • 2 GB upload via Google drive web page took ~10 minutes


I have installed mono and new sqlite3.dll (version 3.22.0). The backup took ~16 minutes.

Hi @zajc, welcome to the forum!

As mentioned in this post, Duplicati is doing a lot more than just uploading files so it’s likely not going to be as fast as a direct upload: