Google Drive: "auth-username is not supported"


I am using Duplicati Canary with Google One. I have not set any advanced options, just entered the AuthID. But Duplicati complains with a warning, now since some months I guess:

“auth-username ist nicht unterstützt”

Is there anything I can do?

EDIT: It has auth-username and auth-password in the command line, if I export it to clipboard. But not visible in the UI. Will export config json, edit the file, re-import.


I also have the same warning. It doesn’t seem to affect anything. And performing a test Restore and manual verification reveals that everything is working okay.
I’m justing just google drive (not Google One)

Solved it by export/import of config. There were some auth data which were totally unrelated to the Google connection. No idea how that happened.

Although this happens more with passwords, I think, browser or other autofills can add odd entries.

The other thing that can happen is that leftovers from a destination type using username was kept.

Somewhat simpler than export/edit/import is if the Destination three-dot menu allows the edit there.