Google Cloud Storage Cost

Hey guys,

I have a question regarding the backup made on Google Cloud Storage.

I’m paying a very high amount because the duplicati is downloading files every day, is there a way to disable this download?

As I understand it, it does this download to verify the integrity of the data, correct?


Partially, but the default is 1 set of 1 dlist, 1 dindex, and 1 dblock, so low-cost but not very thorough.

Verifying backend files

Compacting files at the backend might use more when it runs, but it only runs when waste builds up.

Viewing the log files of a backup job provides a section on Compact phase and Downloaded files.

Complete log button gets BackendStatistics including BytesDownloaded and FileDownloaded.

Cloud Storage pricing is the pricing. Does the bill break out downloads? Does it match Duplicati info?

Another way to get charges is early deletions on certain storage classes that have minimum retention.

no-auto-compact can stop automatic compact, but if compact never runs then wasted space builds up.

It’d probably be worth looking at such downloads. You can even see exact files at <job> → Show log → Remote. Generally the backup itself will download just the mentioned three typically small files to verify.

Compact typically follows a version delete, as that’s where wasted space comes from. It will do a lot of dblock get operations for repacking, one put, then do delete for dblock and dindex that got obsoleted.

That surprises me even with the default behavior of Duplicati. Did you customize the Remote Volume Size option? It defaults to 50MiB.

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