Google Cloud Platform

Hi is anybody using Duplicati to backup to Google Cloud Platform → Storage class → Archive Storage?
If yes do you have any problem with restore?

Doesn’t look like Google’s archive-class storage has been discussed much here.

Normally archive storage doesn’t work well with Duplicati, because when data is accessed it may not be downloadable for hours.

According to Google documentation, their archive tier is different:

Unlike the “coldest” storage services offered by other Cloud providers, your data is available within milliseconds, not hours or days.

So from a technical perspective, it might work as well as hot storage. I haven’t dug deeper but usually the compromise you make with archive storage is that you’re not supposed to access the data very often at all. The cost of storage is cheaper, but the cost to access/read the data is higher.

As such, you probably want to use these options:

--no-auto-compact = true
--no-backend-verification = true

This will stop Duplicati from downloading any data from the destination unless you are doing an actual restore or you are recreating the local database.

I did see that with Google archive tier you are committing to paying for at least 365 days of storage, so you might want to set your retention accordingly (possibly unlimited?).

Lastly, if your goal is to use archive storage to reduce costs, and you’re open to other cloud storage providers, I usually suggest people consider Backblaze B2 and Wasabi. They both provide hot object storage with very low costs. (Something like $0.005/GB/mo and $0.0059/GB/mo respectively.)

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