Google account blocking (Need help understanding the problem)

This is a bit off topic, but your answers might help noobs like me.
About 12 days ago, I registered a separate new Google account to access Google Drive cloud storage (with a different phone number). I set up automatic backups to it via Duplicati, every 24 hours, the files are encrypted (the VPN was running all the time).
After 3 days, the account was blocked with a note:
“This account appears to have been created or used with numerous other accounts for purposes that violate Google’s policies. It could have been created by a computer program or a bot.”

The account was not restored on appeal. The bot replied that I definitely broke something.
“Unfortunately, access to your account cannot be restored. According to our verification, this account was used for purposes that violate Google policies.”

I want to know the following:

  1. What is a violation of the rules of Google with all of the above (in your opinion)?
  2. What does a backup to a third-party software repository look like without violations?
  3. What you need to know about the behavior of the Google bot in order not to get the same problem? (Important!)
  4. Which cloud services are better to use to set up automatic backup and forget about it for 2 years. (Important!)

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