Global Throttle Setting Not Working

Hi Guys,

In the global setting on the Duplicati web GUI the throttle setting seems to have zero effect on the upload rate.

My modems upload limit is 2-3 Mbits, but when the throttle limit is set to 50k a second it still maxes the connection out blocking any other connections including the one to the backup endpoint which results in failed verification of any backup files uploaded.

Any ideas?


What back end are you using? If OneDrive, there was a known problem with throttling that has presumably been fixed in the source but has not yet made it into any released version.


MS Azure Blob storage.


The modem disconnecting every time I attempted to backup didn’t help either, although I’m guessing that’s not a duplicati bug.

Is there any workaround for this until the fix is released?

Throttling uploads? has one that you can try. Also, is your router able to help any? It can do a better job.

I’ll try the asynchronous-concurrent-upload-limit, but using a QOS setting on the router might still cause the same issue.

Using the --throttle-upload would have no effect here?

Thanks for the help.

That’s only half of it. fragment-size=327680 is probably the main thing to get steadier flow, not a big spike followed by a big gap (which might be worse for your other connections, but you can see which you prefer).

It should have an effect.

Thx. What is the default for fragment-size= ?


It’s also shown in the GUI, although the unit is not shown in the entry box (misleading). See last line.


Ok, I’ll give that a try if required. The asynchronous-concurrent-upload-limit should sort it.

Looks like we are using a different build as I’ve just got the default and then advanced in a dropdown with no fragment size option listed.

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The problem might be that Microsoft Azure Blob seemingly doesn’t use the Microsoft Graph options, meaning it might be a different issue because the technology is different. Options are quite different.
Sorry about not picking up that you weren’t on OneDrive or one of the related Microsoft destinations.




I guess you can try asynchronous-concurrent-upload-limit=1 to see if it helps. This avoids potential issues of the normal burstiness as Duplicati feeds data out (probably not coordinated among multiple uploaders).

I get a similar problem with Netflix when downloading multiple movies/episodes simultaneously, so hopefully that should do it, all be it, with the data going in the opposite direction.

Right, I was looking for advanced options chevron within the global settings, not the backup specific ones.

Thx ts678