Get "Could not parse the specified URI" error

Hi all,
I am trying to make backup to a QNAP NAS with the software Object Storage Server and i am getting many times the error “Could not parse the specified URI”

I am using S3 connection. do you have any idea what could be wrong?

Is anyone using QNAP as S3 destination? do you use Object Storage Server application or Minio Container? what would be better?

thanks for all your comments and help


Welcome to the forum @diogo

You can probably do a Google or other search to find out. I searched on the error only, and found these:

(includes workaround – unclear what cause is)

S3 Explorer Compatible Buckets - Object Storage Server APP

(suggests that the user contact QNAP support)

FWIW Google “qnap” “s3” claims about 112 results. Some may help with this. forum search somehow found far fewer hits.