Generate cli commands of working backup from Web Gui

Having uses Cobian in the past I discovered Duplicati via alternativeto. I did a backup of my Thunderbird Profile via the installed web server page. It worked great.

Searching to find if I needed to keep the tab open I found that there is a command line interface that can of course be scheduled. Perfect.

Then I thought, rather than have to figure out the cli, wouldn’t it be great if there was an pption in the web gui to generate the cli commands for the exact same backup.

Has this been considered?

Hello and welcome to the forum!

In the web UI, click on your backup job and click Export, then on the next page select As Command-line. Note that command line is independent of the web UI, so the job status will not be shown in the web UI when you run cmdline.

You do know you can schedule the web UI job as well, right? You can do that on page 4 of your job configuration.


Your comment had me look and I noticed Duplicate runs away in the tray. I was wondering if I had to leave the tab open, but clearly not. So yeah, you are right no need for the cli, assuming the footprint is small. Great to know you can export. Thanks for letting me know on a Saturday especially!

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