"General" and "Remote" logs for "Direct restore"

I’ve been testing scenarios with “Direct restore from backup files…” recently and realized that some potentially useful information is appearing in the “General” and “Remote” logs.

Normally, these are visible through the job specific “Show log…” menu item, but with a direct restore that option is not available.

Am I missing something or is the only way to get to these non-job task specific logs through the actual “Show” button on an error (or message?) popup?

I realize these logs are stored in the job specific database - and the case of a direct restore that database is a temporary one built directly from the destination files so I doubt there can be a generic GUI link to them, but it might be nice of these non-job task windows could include links to the temp database logs on them.


I think it’s an issue with how the Show log page and the entire logging structure relies on a job ID when “jobs” can only be backup jobs currently.

What if we created a new “job” for each restore and let it have a visible entry in the tasklist? The GUI would then check the job “type” and display a different element that only allows to see metadata/progress, showing the log, and deleting the entry. That would give users the option to keep restore logs around for a while and it would keep them isolated so they’re still available later if kept.

Of course this probably also needs to be handled some other places in the server so that it don’t try to run it as a backup. And it feels a bit messy because it changes the definition of a job from always being a backup job to being a job that has a “type”.