FTP Connection 421 Error

Hey all,

Love Duplicati, its just what ive been looking for. It works flawlessly with B2 but having a few issues with FTP. When it connects to do the backup, I get this error: 421 I can’t accept more than 3 connections as the same user.

I know that the best way to fix this is to allow more connections, but its an FTP server hosted by SoYouStart so I am unable to modify it’s config.

I cant work out how to make Duplicati do this, any help would be appreciated!

Many thanks.

That’s odd because Duplicati isn’t yet coded to do multiple uploads at the same time, so only one connection should ever be getting used at a time. Do you possibly have the --no-connection-reuse parameter enabled?

Hey Jon!

Thanks for your reply! As far as I am aware no, I presume that would be something I would select on the final page of backup configuration? If so then I don’t no.

Is it a possibility that its a server side issue?

Many thanks,

Yep, that’s where it would be - or under the main menu Settings page. But it’s not set by default so I doubt that’s the problem.

It could be a server thing. Do you have a way to look at FTP connection logs to see what’s connecting?

Nope, nothing is set there!

Sadly I don’t no, as I say its all managed by SoYouStart and I have no access to anything. I just got emailed username and password to login with…

It’s possible they are determining “user” simply by IP address in which case if you are using a public IP of some sort (such as from work, school, or a shared internet connection) then it’s possible 3 other people using the same router are also trying to connect to a SoYouStart FTP server. But that’s pure speculation and, if correct, means they have a poorly designed (in my opinion) system.

Without monitoring your outgoing connections to confirm only one request is being made (and closed) at a time, there’s not much we can do.

If SoYouStart has any support you could try checking there…

Its just from the actual machine itself because thats the only way it can be accessed, I will drop them a line but support with them is a bit hit and miss to be honest.

Ive decided to use back blaze instead, it pains me since I have to pay for it and the SYS option is free but I backup is so important I cant afford to loose anything.

Thanks for your help and I will give you a shout when I hear back from them.

That sounds like a good plan - thanks!