FTP as backup location: Initial backup through USB?

I’m planing to add an additional backup location to my Duplicati setup. I have bought a 2,5" HDD that will be connected to my AVM Fritzbox router and available to Duplicati over a FTP connection.

Is it possible to do the initial backup to the drive over USB? And once that is done, move the drive over to my router and have Duplicati add the incremental changes via FTP?

@TOMillr … assuming the Fritzbox supports the file system that your desktop uses, then it shouldn’t be a problem. However seeing as it’s all going over the local LAN, why not just do it over the network. The speed difference will be negligible when using a LAN.

@samw is correct - “seeding” a backup to a local disk so it can be carried to the ultimate destination works just fine. Once the initial seed is done you just have to update your backup job to point to the new destination.

Speed considerations are tougher to gauge as they depend so much on individual hardware. For example, since USB 2 maxes out at 480 Mbit/s (but that’s data AND commands so assume it’s more like 380 Mbit/s) that could be faster than running over a 100 Mbit/s LAN connection (which itself is probably more like 70 Mbit/s).

And of course all those numbers are more “burst” rates - sustainable rates are likely another 10-15% lower than those. :frowning: