FTP and SSH Issues With 1.3.4

I’ve been using Duplicati for quite a while but need to switch from the file-based backups I was doing either to FTP- or SSH-based because my employer insists on disabling SMB. I’ve tried each and am having trouble with both. My server is running ProFTPD Server 1.3.6.

When I configure for FTP (and I’ve tested that my server is running FTP successfully by using the Windows/DOS FTP client to login), I get “Connection Failed: The remote server returned an error: (500) Syntax error, command unrecognized.”

When I configure for SSH using the internal library (and, again, I’ve tested that the server is running SSH successfully by connecting to is using Bitvise and Putty), I get, “Connection Failed: Algorithm negotiation failed.”

When I configure for SSH using the internal library, I get, “Duplicati was unable to verify the existence of the sftp program. sftp may work regardless, if it is located in the system search path. Do you want to continue anyway?” I’ve verified that sftp.exe is on my path and that I can connect to my server using that program.

If I click “Yes” to continue anyway, I get, "Connection failed: The host is not authenticated, please connect to the host using SSH, and then re-run Duplicati, log: E: the server’s host key is not cached. You have no guarantee E: that the server is the computer that you think it is . . . " I’ve also verified successful connectivity using ssh.exe.

Can anyone help?

I think most users here are using Duplicati 2 which is a very different beast than version 1. :frowning:

I was planning to upgrade when v2 was no longer Beta.

That’s a perfectly understandable way to go, unfortunately most resources are focused on 2 leaving 1 stable, but not quickly supported.

Thanks for your help. I’ve had this problem for quite a while but just discovered that my original problem was a domain-name resolution error rather than an SMB prohibition (though the domain name issue seems to have shown up at the same time as an SMB configuration change was made by my IT department).

I switched to using the static IP address of my server for drive mapping instead of the server domain name and things are working properly again.

Glad to hear you figure out a solution!