Frustrating warnings messages that lead to nowere


I’m getting those “warnings” on the new 2.x version…
dozens of them … but :slight_smile: … anytime i click on any - i’m getting a nice green marked list of log events…
finding actual warning - between “all green and super large nothng saying log entries” - feels like detective work …
Is there a way for it to either be completely disabled … (due to absolute uselessness ) or make it a warning as warning intended to be …not just “hey … there was something wrong … good luck finding it”

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Hi @ostap, welcome to the forum!

At present there isn’t a way to disable warnings. Most likely you’re running into the known issue that there are more than 1 error log but the links always assume one log.

Most likely the warnings you are getting are in the global log, rather than the job log most links go to.