Frustrated, no respronse from web interface

First to say, I’d like to thank you for all your work and efforts to make Duplicati what it is and to use for everybody for free. It is the backup solution I always have been looking for.
I am using it for over two years now. And now I’m done with duplicati and I’m telling you why.

It was working fine for me, until I got problems with differences between the backup and the database.
A few times, it worked with database repair. Then, it did not anymore. So I chose to rebulid the database. This worked one more time, then I got the same error again. Until then, nothing else worked.
I always used the newest canary update.
Then I uninstalled duplicati and reinstalled it (running as a service on Win 10). I deleted all the backup data on my NAS and the database and set up everything new from scratch. And I hoped, it would work again for my ~500 GB data.
It did so far, until the backup was running for three days now and the backup was about 60%. Then I had to turn of my computer. Since I restarted, the web interface is showing me like “stopping after current file” and it is not responsive anymore.
I had these problems several times before. Clicking something on the web interface and no response for hours.
I think the idea behind Duplicati is great and I like it so much, but I can’t rely on a solution that is not reacting and controllable. I don’t feel save with Duplicati when I don’t get any response from the interface like “I got your input, processing xx%” or something similar. It is like a black box to me.
I hope Duplicati will be improved in this point and when it is, I am looking forward to use it again in future. But today I regret to say that it not reliable to me.