From Canary to Beta

When starting to use Duplicaty is was not really aware of the different kind of relaeses. I understand now that Canary ist further in development (and maybe less secure to use) and the Beta is the more stable release.
Would it be better for security to use the Beta and would it be possible to switch from Canary to Beta? At the moment I’m using as my (private) productive Backup
BTW: Normally you call a release as Beta if its in a state as not beeing comletely finished, what about an official non alpha, beta release?

Yeah there are 3 types of releases so far: Canary, Experimental, and Beta.
Eventually there will be a 4th type of release, possibly called Stable (not sure).

Canary is the most bleeding edge so you get newer features first but you may be hit with unexpected bugs. Experimental will be potentially more stable/reliable than Canary, and Beta more stable/reliable than Experimental.

You can switch to Beta BUT you cannot downgrade to older releases in many cases. So I recommend you keep using the version you are on until the next Beta version is released, then probably stick with Beta from that point forward.

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To add some background story to this:

Your data on the backup destination is always compatible with any Duplicati 2 version.

What isn’t always compatible is the local database. New versions may change the local representation of your backup.

If you had to downgrade you could wipe your Duplicati config and install the old version. Then you could import your configuration and rebuild the database against your existing backup data.

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Good to know! Thanks for the clarification.

I downgraded yesterday to last Beta cause I was receiving to much error messages from Canary.

The quoted procedure was not successfull.
The reimported configs led to rebuilding of the database, but was reporting a lot of missing files (as before with canary). I think that this was a follow-up error from the canary installation.
Fineally, after some other tries, I had to remove the entire stuff (the deinstallation did not remove the databases from Appdata which were a disturbing factor after installing the Beta).
Now its all in place with working Beta.
I would like to test Canary further, so I wonder whether it can be run in parallel with the Beta.:question:

You can in principle run two duplicati instances on the same machine. But they have to back up to different destinations (folder or provider).

Then they’ll be available in the web browser on port 8200 and 8300 (or other ports you specify)

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