Fresh Restore Mode

At present on startup of Duplicati Tray icon or service Missed scheduled backup start straight away maybe after the pause delay if set.

Now if in case of a complete system break down I install and start Duplicati on a new system with “Duplicati-server.sqlite” in the right place, Duplicati will start missed backups waste time, may mess things and give errors. (At a critical hour)
When Duplicati starts in pause mode for the first few minutes. There should be a option restore mode clicking this should put disable backups and enable only repair and restore


So in your scenario, because the sqilite files are directly copied you don’t go through the “Import from a file” process that normally would allow you to edit the job and turn off scheduling…

I wonder if there’s an existing way for Duplicati to “know” it’s being run on a machine for the first time and automatically pop-up a cute little paper-clip saying something like "Hey - it looks like you're trying to move a backup from one machine to another, do you want to disable scheduled runs for now?". :slight_smile:

All kidding aside, if we’re suggesting database copies as a valid recovery option then you are absolutely correct - there should be an easy way to disable scheduling like you said.

Otherwise on the new machine, which doesn’t have any restored files yet, if the backup runs everything will be flagged as “deleted”. Unless you have VERY strict retention rules this shouldn’t cause an loss of data from the backups, but it’s certainly not the best user experience.

Control DB:

Required when there are multiple backup sets configured