Frequent Connection Closed Exception - Google Drive Backend

So it’s my first time using Duplicati, and I created a backup using Google Drive. Checking the connection works fine, but then during the upload (~5GB in my case), it keeps failing to upload files (like 30 attempts or so in one file) but in some rare times it work.

The logs show an exception: “AggregateException: Unable to read data from the transport connection: The connection was closed”. And I spent like 3 days testing different things and even debugging it with visual studio, but there is no specific response error code. Google Drive API simply closes the connection.

However, I noticed that there were concurrent uploads (which I didn’t initially know). So my solution was to simply set “asynchronous-concurrent-upload-limit” to 1 in the advanced options and then failed uploads became very rare and the backup completed normally.

I’m not entirely sure why the issue was happening with the default 4 concurrent uploads, but I spent so much time googling this issue in vain, so I created this account and post in hopes of making it easier for others to find this solution.
Hopefully, this is the right place for my post. Thanks!

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