Found 233 parse-able files with the prefix

Hello guys

I’m doing some tests with Duplicati and my Scaleway S3 account.
I backup files from one PC, and want to restore files to another computer.

On the restore menu, when i test the connection to my S3 bucket, Dupllicati says its ok
when i tries to access the data, i get the error message :slight_smile:

Found 233 parse-able files with the prefix C:\Users\UserName\Desktop/duplicati, did you forget to set the backup prefix?

On the first computer, i didn"t use prefix or something like that.
Can you help ?

I’m french so sorry if my english is not good :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum @fairzak

Is this the restore menu on the second computer? You should only use Direct restore from backup files, otherwise you risk destroying the backup if the second computer does a backup on top of the first one’s. Restore also won’t work right, as the local database (per computer) must match backup (you have one).

What sort of files can you see there? You can possibly see what Duplicati saw in its job log at Show log → Remote and find a list command to click on. This assumes you have a job created. Which computer?


I wonder if you might have typed a source path where the path in the bucket was supposed to be, e.g. in



Assuming this is S3, folders don’t really exist, but pseudo-folders are presented by looking at the slashes.
You could try using some other S3 client or Scaleway web GUI to look in your bucket to see what you see.
If you actually got backslashes in S3, they might not be recognized as folders, but simply as backslashes.