Force ipv4 ssh connection

How can i force duplicati 2 to use ipv4 via ssh instead of ipv6 on my windows client. I have seen, that only the ipv4 connection work with the dyndns adress i use. I can ping both ipv4 and ipv6 but connection failed via ipv6 but not ipv4. I switched ipv6 off to test this.

What was the detailed message? Are there any tunnels or other complexities that complicate this?

This may mean static config will be awkward, but I doubt a pinpoint “force” is possible another way.

is the other extreme of being overly broad. Can dyndns be persuaded to not offer the IPv6 address?

Additional testing could probably be done with a static address or maybe a Windows hosts file entry.
An IPv6 Link-local address might also have special issues, but there’s no info here on network setup.
nslookup can probably tell you the IPv6 address DNS is providing, but there could be other ways too.