Folders not showing up after restoring of backup

My backed up folders are not showing in the root of the drive, I can only find them by searching. WinDirStat also shows these folders, but they just don’t seem to appear. Hidden folders have been turned on, so no idea what could be happening here. Talking about Windows 10, by the way. I haven’t lost my data (yet…), would like to know if there’s something to fix this

Can you explain in more detail what your setup is and how you restored them? If I understand correctly, you have C:\Folder as backup source and restored (on a new or the same computer?), but now C:\Folder is hidden.

There is the possibility to specify a custom path, maybe set it to your documents folder and see if that works?

I think there was a tricky thing that attributes are also restored on the root folder, so that might be a thing to look for, but I don’t have a good explanation for your behavior.

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Can’t delete this post but Windows turned those folders into hidden system folders for some reason, was probably an end user issue. I fixed it with the command prompt, so this thread is basically useless right now hahah, I was replying just as you replied

It might be helpful for others to post the command you used, then this thread is not completely useless.