Folder Structure during restore

I’m a bit of a novice at this, so sorry if this has been addressed before (I did search, unsuccessfully), but I have a question regarding the restore option.
When given the option to pick a location to restore files from a backup, the proper folder structure of the backup isn’t adhered to and the files are just placed directly into the folder selected. Is there an option to retain the proper folder structure from the backup?
As an example, I want to restore \folder2\” from a backup to destination “c:\folder1”, and want it placed as thus - “c:\folder1\folder2”. I know I could just set that specific path, but that doesn’t account for any other folders involved and I prefer to have the folder attributes (date created,modified,etc.) restored as well.
Thanks for any help.

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When restoring, Duplicati Removes common paths to prevent generating deep paths with empty folders. To disable this behaviour, use advanced option --dont-compress-restore-paths. This will keep the entire path, including upper level empty folders when restoring files.


I have same problem keeping sub folder structure. In which stage of restoring I can add advanced option --dont-compress-restore-paths as I can’t find it. Thanks for help

Erp. That’s a very good question!

Unless I’m missing something it appears that when using the in-job Restore ... menu there is no “Advanced options” section.

Until that gets address I’m afraid your only options are:

  • doing a Direct restore from backup files ... where first page lets you browse to the location of the backup files AND you can add “Advanced options” (just use the “Edit as text” feature to manually add the --dont-compress-restore-paths=true parameter). We should really make Restore parameters available there.

  • use the job Commandline ... menu item to do the restore from the GUI (but this requires a bit of less-than-obvious parameter handling to work)

  • use the actual command line to do the restore (again, less-than-obvious parameter handling)


You can’t. Issue #2185 at GitHub reports this bug. Until this is fixed, you have to use the commandline as @JonMikelV suggests.


Under General “Settings” - “Default options” it is possible to select --dont-compress-restore-paths=true
Should it work?


Of course, that should work and is much easier than using the commandline.
Actually, I already use this for another option (--all-versions), but I forgot about that.

OK, I checked and it works for me.