First time using duplicati, getting very slow speeds

Hello, I am backing up over sftp to a server I have running on my local network, and i’m having trouble figuring out what my bottleneck is, would appreciate any help diagnosing as right now my initial backup is only running at 1.1MB/s!

I’ve checked CPU and disk usage on both the source machine and the destination machine - neither ever seem to go above 10%. Source machine is at about 5% CPU and 0-2% disk usage, destination machine is similar.

Network traffic seems to be SUSPICIOUSLY steady (it’s a remarkably flat graph with just a few sawteeth) at about 30Mbps, which is nothing - I just tested transferring some files to the same machine using winSCP and was able to get 800Mbps quite comfortably. I’m guessing most of that traffic isn’t even duplicati because 30Mbps is about 3.5 times faster than the speeds i’m actually getting

So if the bottleneck isn’t network, disk, or cpu…am I missing something? What else is there?

Thanks in advance for the help.

EDIT: So it seems like the disk is completely idle 99% of the time and it just wakes up for a split second each time it finishes waiting on…something else? It’s pretty much what I would expect to see if I had enabled throttling, but I have not. I tried turning on throttling and setting to 99999999MB/s just in case but it didn’t change anything