First backup too small

I have my backup set to my userprofile, but Duplicati was only able to backup the folder itself? The total size of the backup is 1.75 KB, which is way off from the actual size.

This is my first time using this, could anyone please guide me on how to do my first backup successfully?

Welcome to the forum!

Can you elaborate? Do you mean you selected your user profile as what to back up (Source Data in the backup configuration section). Can you show me exactly what you put here?

If you selected a reparse point or symlink, it might explain what you’re seeing.

Hi @drwtsn32, Thank you for the reply.

I just pointed it at my user profile at C:/users/ant72, that’s it.
I have attached some screenshots, I hope they are helpful.

Hello, after investigating other backup softwares, I decided to re-install Duplicati and try again.

Believe it or not, it now works, both the %USERPROFILE% and C:\Users\Username paths works now.

Great! Sorry I missed your response earlier. Glad it is working for you now!