Filling up /tmp/ dir

I’ve been noticing that the /tmp/ folder is being used by duplicati to store sertain files. This is totally alright with me, as long as it is used as intended. Temporary.
This however is not the case. The /tmp/ folder seems to fill up with files, and not clear out ever. Since my backup task runs without issue, I haven’t done anything with it until now. My root folder is filling up and half of it is being used by duplicati’s /tmp dir. Since we are talking about my backups, I did not want to remove any files in this folder without checking with you guys/galls first.

Files in the folder:

root@4a07aeba560e:/# du -sh /tmp/*
940K /tmp/dup-4c9d01a5-cb86-4577-9d68-817166a28176
5.6G /tmp/dup-50d38874-fe19-40bf-9799-b8f3b098439e
17M /tmp/dup-564b25b0-865e-4d1d-8a68-ccaffab4046d
4.0K /tmp/dup-66127b14-1907-474a-a390-a00f9aef98d1
6.9G /tmp/dup-66f1d011-38d4-4c68-b999-b9dac05f9b9c
11M /tmp/dup-6d13cea7-eb1d-4911-abe2-b67ab2278f45
15M /tmp/dup-781dd4e2-2660-4bc8-8fe2-8f2cd5a78bcf
21M /tmp/dup-7d052771-c473-4111-8ddb-3d8751cca1d2
2.2M /tmp/dup-85c3aa64-2776-4828-bb4d-c215350fa09d
4.0K /tmp/dup-87453ba7-f6e6-4dac-8859-8eacbbb5fcec
2.2M /tmp/dup-9bed772a-58eb-46df-8546-ef307d6bb427
6.9G /tmp/dup-a1a8de99-c219-48eb-8f1c-e76c03ec6b30
3.0M /tmp/dup-a2140c04-c672-4e99-a01a-e97383d096df
4.2M /tmp/dup-c8b31475-a5c5-4f17-a986-c103a9615205
1.8G /tmp/dup-d4ab76ad-db39-40d7-a3e3-aee512005585
2.3M /tmp/dup-d808aba9-5380-4434-a8c9-df5e8855f85d
11G /tmp/dup-de142df8-9820-41e2-b6b8-45b9102e0d1a
8.9G /tmp/dup-e3c5da09-7186-4d77-9aeb-c90585f67c6f
11G /tmp/dup-f2851c4b-5ae7-4b10-867b-76e107feb42b
11G /tmp/dup-f875723e-8083-456f-99f0-509a67584c88
4.0K /tmp/dupl-usagereport-240-20190520141547.json
4.0K /tmp/dupl-usagereport-240-20190531000500.json
4.0K /tmp/dupl-usagereport-240-20190531174837.json
4.0K /tmp/dupl-usagereport-240-20190611175543.json
4.0K /tmp/dupl-usagereport-242-20190611175255.json
0 /tmp/HttpServer

My backup task is set to backup to /backups, and this is it’s contents

[leviathan kclijsters]# du -sh /share/Backup/*
9.7M /share/Backup/
17M /share/Backup/
23M /share/Backup/
24M /share/Backup/
25M /share/Backup/
26M /share/Backup/
26M /share/Backup/
26M /share/Backup/
26M /share/Backup/
26M /share/Backup/
26M /share/Backup/
11G /share/Backup/
631M /share/Backup/
542M /share/Backup/
490M /share/Backup/
460M /share/Backup/
504M /share/Backup/
11G /share/Backup/
8.9G /share/Backup/
923M /share/Backup/
4.9G /share/Backup/
591M /share/Backup/
519M /share/Backup/
3.9G /share/Backup/
2.0M /share/Backup/
1.5M /share/Backup/
2.6M /share/Backup/
6.6M /share/Backup/
15M /share/Backup/
1.6M /share/Backup/
1.5M /share/Backup/
14M /share/Backup/
17M /share/Backup/
1.6M /share/Backup/
1.5M /share/Backup/
9.7M /share/Backup/
1.6M /share/Backup/

I looked around on the forums, and didn’t find issues like this one… Some people have had issues with the /tmp dir, but not that it keeps filling up without removing any old files in it.

Appears this issue was fixed in February:

But there hasn’t been a new Beta release since that fix. Hopefully a new beta version will be released soon as it’s been over 6 months now!

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I would mark it as solution, but it does not solve my issue if the patch isn’t in production use yet.

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Yep. I manually clean up the temp folder every week or two. Looking forward to the next beta release.

Horrible “Me Too”

I’m experimenting with reducing the chunk size to approx 50% of /tmp to see if this helps at all.