Files only partialy restored


I have tried to restore some of my files from Backblaze B2 backup. Total size is about 15GB, files are either photos or videos.

After few hours it is still showing status “Downloading files”. But network monitor shows that it stopped downloading long time ago. B2 shows that all 15GB have been already downloaded.

Nevertheless all photos (average size is about 2MB) are successfully restored, but most of the videos (of much larger size) are partial, many of them have size just of 300KB.

Backup itself is not corrupted, because when I try to restore only some of these videos, they restored successfully.

Welcome to the forum! Sounds like the restore didn’t complete. Did it ever finish or give you an error? Or is it still stuck at the “Downloading files” phase?

It didn’t give any error, but either have not finished for about 4 hours (I turned off my computer at that moment). For last 3 hours it downloaded nothing accordingly to network monitor.

Try setting the --no-local-blocks option and redoing the restore.

You can also watch the Live Log while it’s restoring to see where it hangs up (if it does again). Go to About -> Show Log -> Live -> and set the dropdown to Information.