Files fail verification every time

So I’m also getting the same issue, 16 files fail verification every time, the share that Duplicati backs up to is a SMB share through unRaid’s unassigned devices plugin, it started generating errors approx 1 month after the initial backup set was created, there are 800 files in the destination including the dlist files.

Hi @cspiby, welcome to the forum!

So you’re getting 16 “Please verify the sha256 hash” errors with every job run?

Is it the same 16 files very time?

Sorry for the late reply, yes it was the same files every time, I have just deleted the backup job and have recreated it so I will let you know how it goes.

Heh - I was going to say the same thing. For some people a few hours is “late” for others it’s not late until a month has gone by. :slight_smile:

Definitely let us know how recreating the backup job worked out for you - oh, and whether you re-used the existing destination folder or started fresh there as well.