Filemodes/uid/guid on linux

From looking at the database and also testing an restore, this is not saved nor restored.

Is this something planned to be added, without that the backup for an server is kinda useless, its quite important those are restored too.

As a sidenote on the restore webscreen clicking an folder it always takes arround 30s to show the subfolders and clicking one again like 30s, this is with 1 gb sqlite database and arround 1.3 million files.

Duplicati does store UID/GID, but you need to apply the setting “Restore permissions” on the last page. The reason for this design is that it could potentially restore files that you do not have permission to edit/delete afterwards.

There is also a bug with permissions on folders:

Yes, I am aware of the issue. The fix requires a rewrite of how the paths are stored in the database:

I did use that setting and its not working proper.

The left side is current and the right side is the restored backup, it gives read permissions to group and all which wasnt there before, this will break any stuff using the key since its now allowed that anyone expect the owner got permissions to the key file, but even if so it would create serious security problems.

Even if that would work it would also need to assign the uid and guid, otherwise a restore will break stuff.