FileBlockProcessor warnings on Google drive

Hi All,

After Google Drive changed the local path for saving the data to G:\ now I changed it in Duplicati too (Win10 Pro, Chrome).

At the earlier location C:\Users… …\Google Drive… Duplicati processed all needed data without any problem. Now with G:\ I get this warning messages for 4 files (2 .gdoc and 2 .gsheet files):

Duplicati.Library.Main.Operation.Backup.FileBlockProcessor.FileEntry-PathProcessingFailed]: Failed to process path: G:\Meine Ablage\...

I have 6 backup jobs and the same 4 warning messages (i.e. for the same files) will be shown for all of them.

Any ideas what goes wrong?

Moving from Backup and Sync to Google Drive for desktop sounds like what got forced on you and me.

It seems like the default Streaming option rejects attempts to directly read Google Docs file extensions.
You can look at live log at About → Show log → Live → Warning to see the details about the file failures.
This behavior hurts programs. It hangs some of them. Others get an error. I gave Google my complaint.

If you switch to mirroring, that will solve the problem, but it will occupy disk space, like Backup and Sync, however without the ability to decide which folders you want to sync. If you use mirroring they all sync…

This was a problem for me because I was also backing up to Google Drive, and I didn’t really want all my backup files coming back to live on the PC. I wound up backing up (including Google Drive) to Backblaze.

Another option, if you really like Streaming, might be to use Source file filters to exclude Google Docs files.
I’m not sure Duplicati backup and restore is possible. They’re not actually the doc, but information about it. Google Drive as I use it is mostly not Google Docs files, and they so far seem to work like normal files do.

For some fun with files, go to a command prompt and try to type a Google Docs file. Mirroring will show information about the file. Streaming will (IIRC) give a rather unusual error. I’m guessing Duplicati got that.