File names in Duplicati

The Backup was spanned across several files with names like:


  1. Can the backup be made into a single file?

  2. Can the filenames be the same as the backup name?

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You should be seeing mostly dblock and dindex files, with just one dlist file per backup version.
Source files’ data is in dblock, with size controlled by Remote volume size on Options screen.
Every dblock has its contents indexed by a smaller dindex. The dlist list source files and blocks.

The backup process explained (simplified)
How the backup process works (technical)

No. You can make three files per version, but putting whole version in one dblock is a bad idea.

No. There is a naming scheme as seen in your example and as described, so names must vary.

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If you really want, you can make file names be somewhat suggestive of backups with prefix:

A string used to prefix the filenames of the remote volumes, can be used to store multiple backups in the same remote folder. The prefix cannot contain a hyphen (-), but can contain all other characters allowed by the remote storage.

Generally it’s easier to name the backup folder after a backup, and use normal names below.