File mirroring capability in addition to imaging

I was wondering if there are any plans (or interest) in implementing file mirroring (not sync, but source to destination mirroring) instead of just imaging? This is available in Ashampoo’s Backup Pro and Backup4All, but I have issues with both those apps. In the file mirroring option you could zip and encrypt as well. What I like about this option is that you don’t have to worry as much about running out of space in the destination, and, if you’re backing up to, say, OneDrive, you can rely on OneDrive’s file history for versioning. Thoughts?

Doubtful… at its core Duplicati has a deduplication engine which provides efficient retention of multiple versions, regardless of back end storage. (No need to rely on versioning features that may or may not be present on the storage side.)

Changing it to be a file sync/mirroring type backup solution would be a drastic departure from the current design. Plus there are many tools out there that already do this - my favorite being rclone.

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