Feedback for Duplicati

Hey there, I wish to submit my feedback from using Duplicati for the past 2 years. Unfortunately I haven’t found a better solution yet and If I do, my head would thank me. Thing is, when Duplicati works, it works great until it doesn’t. I can’t tell you how many times I was searching for some random error on the forums and I could not fix it with all those solutions, leading to making a new backup. The program transferring is also VERY slow, 1-3 MB/s on gigabit network is a joke and trust me I’ve tried everything possible not to have this speed since you know, I had to redo the backups so many times these years.

Another problem I’ve encountered while doing so many backups is that I can’t wait for each one to complete multiple days so naturally I sometimes forget I’m making a backup and everything is fucked once I do a restart / shut down (or unexpected crash), leading to a complete new backup. When the backup is working in the background, it’s really hard to do anything on that machine and not to forget that I can’t Pause it even after Pause is clicked, the program just ignores it and continues to work.

Not trying to sound negative but this is not reliable enough for serious things.

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Thanks for your feedback!

Personally my backups are really reliable, almost never experiencing a failure. I believe some types of storage back ends are more reliable than others. What are you using for your backup storage?

Sounds like Duplicati is the worst backup solution.

Except for all the others.

I guess that’s why I am happy with it going on four years now