Feature request: better reporting


I find it very difficult to understand the reports for backup logs. I would love to see something “user friendly”, that just says if a backup work worked ok or not, even with color codes (green, orange, red).

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Yes, that makes sense. I guess an icon/color in the main list of backups would work.

Also, if all messages associated with a backup job were listed together, it will result in a cleaner interface.

Thanks for the good work!

Not sure how? I would not want the log messages in the main interface?

If all messages and results get a tag (for example execution start time), a list could be generated containing all backup tasks.
Every line in this list could be preceeded with a green/yellow/red bullet, indicating the highest error level of the messages/result inside this group. When clicking on the line, all messages and the result could be expanded, just like you click “Message” or “Result” in the current version of Duplicati.
This way you can easily scroll through the logs and check if there were any tasks which did not complete successfully. With the current version, you only have a list containing the words “Result” and “Message”. It’s not clear which lines belong to the same execution and you have to click every single line to see if the contents is informational (for example Compacting not required) or an error/warning message.
I wouldn’t mind if (shortened) messages are displayed in the list itself, so you don’t have to click the word “Message” to see what’s inside.

Yes, so this is for the log page.

All the log messages are tied to the operation, so it is easy to group them.

The list could then look something like:

  • :yellow_heart: May 21st 2017 - 12:01:50 - Backup
    • :green_heart: : Remote Validation
    • :yellow_heart: Backup
      • :yellow_heart: File xyz locked
    • :green_heart: Compacting not required
    • :green_heart: Remote Validation
  • :green_heart: May 20st 2017 - 13:04:12 - Verify

Do I understand the request correctly?


That looks great!
All items should be collapsed by default (so I should see a list “May 21st 2017: Backup” and “May 20st 2017: Verify”) that could be expanded by clicking on a line.
Maybe it’s better to add the execution time behind the date. If a tasks runs more than once a day, 2 main items/folders should be created. Also you can verify if a backup task was started at the scheduled time.
I miss a line containing the result, but I assume that could be easily added.

Another suggestion: In the main menu, under “Restore” a list with configured backup tasks was added. The same could be done with the “Show log” menu item. It could show a list with all backup jobs and an entry “Log data from server” at the top of that list. That will make it easier to find the log file of a specific backup task.

Yes, the idea was that each step is expandable, so you can see messages that happens during each step under the parent element.

You mean something other than the status icon? Like a summary with size/duration ?

Yes, I will change the example

Yes, the current version has a “Result” entry for each execution. When expanded, all kinds of information about the job is shown, like backup size, duration etc.

Yes, that is the “raw” data. There should be some way to get this displayed as well.