Feature request: automatic repair of database

hi all
i am using duplicati a while and installed it on several computers. (friends, collegues etc)
Very often i get messages like
Unexpected difference in fileset version 3: 05.10.2019 00:00:53 (database id: 189), found 3300 entries, but expected 3301
Instead of asking for a repair of the database, duplicati could start such a repair automatically.
This feature was asked already in June 18 by Anderson_Marcelo, but nothing happend in this direction yet.

I’m not a developer but you consider that the repair operation could take long time. In addition until the latest beta a bug could affect this process and cause the download of unnecessary dblock files.

For this reason, I think, the developer prefer to not automate this action. Personally, like final user, I agree this approach

PS: in current beta the bug is solved

thank you for your reply.
I encounter very often the out of sync problem. Thats why it should be automatically repaired. Another issue is the very often much to timeconsuming task of syncing the databases. When this is solved, automatic sync would be no problem anymore.

Maybe if there would be a paid version of duplicati, the product would benefit in quality.

What version are you using? If you aren’t on the latest beta, version, then please upgrade. A lot of progress has been made and for me that “unexpected difference” issue is now a thing of the past.

Regarding automatic database repair - that’s not the best approach when you are hit with this problem. It sometimes works, but sometimes doesn’t. Other times the best way to fix things is to just delete the offending backup version. The BEST solution is to fix the bugs in Duplicati that are causing it in the first place, so that’s where most effort was directed.

Also note that upgrading to by itself won’t resolve an existing “unexpected difference” issue, but it will (hopefully) stop it from ever happening again. You still need to resolve the issue by deleting the backup version or possibly running a database repair.

Here too. Canary had fix first, however the first Beta having it is Please try upgrading, however note the comments saying this doesn’t remove the problem in the database once it’s present.

The damage is not easily repairable because an actual block of data has been lost. Bookkeeping error.