Failed to process metadata - storing empty metata

How to resolve this error, appears when trying to backup a URL in users favorites?
The file is backed, can I supress error warnings?

Duplicati.Library.Main.Operation.Backup.MetadataGenerator.Metadata-MetadataProcessFailed]: Failed to process metadata for “D:\UserDocs\rick\Favorites\Links for United States\”, storing empty metadata",

Also, there are over 5000 errors, but I cannot see the full list.



Few questions: What version of Duplicati? What operating system? Is Duplicati running under a user context that has full permission to these files it’s trying to back up?

Using version 2.05.101, Windows Server 2008r2, has full permissions, no problems backing all the other files. I assume it is just a warning, haven’t checked to see if the files are backed or not…but there are 5000 of them. the log only shows a few. I would like to suppress the warning if possible. It is just a “favorites” link. .url file.

Are you saying it’s likely all 5000+ files are these URL shortcut files? This good info, I can try testing your situation to see if I can reproduce.