Failed to connect: Unwrapped TargetInvocationException

Good morning

I would like to use Duplicates with my ONEDRIVE space.
I followed the instructions.
I put the address of the Onedrive page
I put the AuthID code
When I try the connection this error appears Failed to connect: Unwrapped TargetInvocationException

Can you tell me where I’m wrong?

Welcome to the forum @CarloDuplicati

I cannot, but a couple of other cases of this infrequently reported problem might lead to a solution.

(Solved) Tahoe-LAFS config error said Canary works, but protocol is different, and Canary is risky.

Office 365 and 2FA? #3101 found “Clearing cache did the trick”, and gets in some other questions.

What Storage Type did you pick on the Destination page, and is OneDrive personal or business?

It should be filled automatically for a new one. Did you have an already existing Duplicati-only AuthID?

Does this refer to the “Test connection” button on the Destination screen (if not, try that), or a backup?

Just in case it matters, what OS and Duplicati version is this?