Failed to connect: Specified cast is not valid. - Sharepoint v2

I am trying to connect to a Microsoft SharePoint v2 destination. After obtaining the AuthID and providing the site-id, when I test the connection I get the error “Failed to connect: Specified cast is not valid.” See image below. Does anyone have a solution or can educate me on what “cast” is so I can search myself?

I am running Duplicati from a docker container.

I don’t use SharePoint so I may be off base here, but you almost certainly don’t want to put the protocol specifier in your destination path field. Try removing the “sharepoint://” portion and see if it makes any difference on your connection test.

Yes that works.

The docs seem to show the protocol at the beginning. Maybe I misinterpreted the docs or they are unclear.


The docs describe these as “URL format” and they are for use with GUI Commandline or Command Line tools such as Duplicati.CommandLine.exe or other Command Line utilities where you build a lengthy URL.

GUI editor gives you separate input ways for the different parts, and the path field wants only the path part.