Failed: Temporary folder does not exist:

I got the error message

Failed: Temporary folder does not exist: d:_duplicati_temp

after setting a different temporary folder - one that didn’t exist. After creating the folder, the error disappeared.
I think duplicati should create the folder if it doesn’t exists.

Hi @jonniewhite, welcome to the forum!

Thanks for the suggestion!

It seems like creating the temp folder if it doesn’t exist is a sensible thing to do - and might aid with people using RAM drives where the drive contents disappear after each reboot.

The only things I can think of are:

  • the created temp folder would be owned by whatever process is running Duplicati so if you happen to change process owners but NOT the temp folder path you might have permissions issues
  • if the Duplicati process doesn’t actually have rights to create the request folder obviously the error you got (or related ‘could not create temp folder’ error) would still happen

Both of the above are pretty edge-case scenarios, so unless somebody else has another reason NOT to do this I volunteer you to go ahead and code it. :smiley: (j/k - unless you actually want to, which would totally be fine.)

Hi @JonMikelV,
Thanks for your reply and the offer for me to jump in and code it. Although I do have c++ experience, I’ve never coded C# before, and therefore don’t want to start experimenting on duplicati. If one of the developers has the time or inclination, that’s fine with me. Alternatively, the user can just create the folder themselves. If I do start coding C# at work, I might feel I can contribute to duplicati.

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