Failed restore after new install

I’m trying to test the ability of duplicati to restore my data to a new install in case of a loss of my current install. I’ve setup a VM of FreeNAS 11.3U4.1 and installed a fresh copy of duplicati on it. When I try to restore from a configuration it fails with the error “Failed to connect: No filesets found on remote target”

Step 1 Import of the config file Team+Drive-duplicati-config.json.aes works and the test connection is successful

Step 2 Fills in the encryption passphase automatically and clicking on connect gives the error “Failed to connect: No filesets found on remote target”

I’m currently using Duplicati - on both installs.

I got it working.

  1. add a backup and choose the aes file (config backup)
    enter passphrase, check import metadata, check save immediately
  2. Advanced/database/repair
  3. Restore to a folder that has duplicati permissions (pick a location)

This seems to be a more reliable way to use a configuration file. I don’t know why.

Would you describe any special options used, and your destination storage type?

Discrepancy with advanced options in “Restore from configuration” #2605
is an open issue in this area, but I don’t know if it fits. Maybe yours is a new issue.

Do you know if this was necessary or helpful, or was it just done as a precaution?

Storage type is Google Team Drive
Advanced options
Remote Vol Size 1 GB
Keep a specific number of backups 2
Google Team Drive ID
Quota warning threshold 0
Send Mail any operation checked
Send Mail body Duplicati %OPERATIONNAME% report for %backup-name%: %PARSEDRESULT%

Repair the database was necessary as I got the error otherwise

which I don’t have, so can’t try this exactly, however for my similar backup to Google Drive, I wind up in the options-with-four-dashes-in-front failure instead of “No filesets found”. I’m not sure how to force your error.

Probably the reason for the need for repair is actually the need for DB recreate on the VM, which would be databaseless even after importing the configuration. A new empty DB will be surprised by the remote files.

The REPAIR command

Tries to repair the backup. If no local database is found or the database is empty, the database is re-created with data from the storage.

So I guess I’ll tentatively blame the known issue for your first failure. Feel free to keep poking at it if you like.

One other question if you don’t mind is where you get the Duplicati for FreeNAS. Duplicati doesn’t create a package specifically for that, as far as I know, but I think some people are finding other ways to get it going.

Getting mono might also be more challenging, and issue may be more complex if Duplicati goes to .NET 5.

I’m sure your correct that the VM doesn’t have a database so it needs it to restore a remote file

I install Duplicati from a script I wrote. freenas-iocage-other/ at master · NasKar2/freenas-iocage-other · GitHub. It has alot of directories that it creates storage for the jail, so duplicati can backup that data. I adapted it from a post on the FreeNAS forums

That type of install sounds similar to what other FreeNAS forum users run (or are trying to run…).
FreeNAS is FreeBSD based, I think, and mono comes in because I think it’s capped at 5.10 now.
By happy maybe-accident, 5.10 fits Duplicati’s needs for recent Canary build, as mentioned here.

Support for FreeBSD #14537 is an upcoming issue because .NET 5 will eventually replace mono.
There’s pretty wide support for Windows, Linux, and some others, but FreeBSD is an open issue.
Net 5 migration #3124 is likely to happen someday, but I worry about having less platform support.
Docker on FreeBSD is possibly one way out, but I’m not an expert on either Docker or FreeBSD…