Failed emails from jobs, can they be resent?

I had a couple of backup jobs complete yesterday but when they tried to send their job completion emails they failed because my mail server was temporarily unavailable.

Is there any way to resend them? I use DupReports and because it’s not picked up these emails it currently thinks the backups have not been run.

I don’t believe there is any way to resend them.

Is that your own server, an organization server, or something on the Internet (thus subject to its outages)?

For best results, point at the mail server most likely to be up and reachable, and let it queue mails for you. Queuing for delivery is (AFAIK) a typical feature for servers but not clients. Duplicati doesn’t have a queue.
If it’s worth the trouble, SMTP server software can even be put on the Duplicati system to queue its email.

If you just dislike seeing holes, you could probably get all needed info from Duplicati logs to give it its stats.

Yes it’s my own mail server - I would never use an external service and having redundancy isn’t worth it to me. I just made a mistake on the timing and didn’t wait for a free window when no backups were running before restarting the servers.

Only thing I can think of is to install a local MTA on the machine where Duplicati runs and configure it to use a smarthost, pointing it at your actual mail server. Then repoint Duplicati to send email to the localhost mail server. That way you’ll be able to queue messages locally if the mail server is offline for some reason. Seems like quite a bit of trouble, but maybe it’s worth it to you…

Yeah not a great solution for 9 machines running Duplicati on various flavours of operating system.

Still I thought I would ask but thanks for all the suggestions.