Exporting and importing a configuration can cause warnings

Exporting and then re-importing a configuration can cause warnings during the backup if you change the type of the destination. E.g. exporting a configuration with WebDAV destination to a file, re-importing that configuration and changing the destination type to google drive.

The “TargetURL” in the config retains the previous WebDAV auth-username= and auth-password= parameters even though these are not used for google drive.

The backup still works but you get warnings in the backup log:

Warnings: [
    The supplied option --auth-username is not supported and will be ignored,
    The supplied option --auth-password is not supported and will be ignored

I would think this also happens if you simply edit the backup?

I am getting the same thing after re-imaging my computer and restoring my backup. Is there a fix do you know? I am using Google Drive.

Ok, after messing around I found that you can go into the configuration of the backup currently set to google drive and under the destination tab click the hamburger icon (the 3 vertical dots) and copy the current URL to you clipboard. Then delete the end of the URL “auth-username=CPT_Tater&auth-password=mypassword”.

You can also do what gc1 said and just change the source to a local device and switch it back to google drive before running a backup.

This issue describes the same problem Diable irrelevant warnings from dashboard · Issue #3082 · duplicati/duplicati · GitHub

There’s definitely a need to strip those variables automatically when changing backends type