Exit level 2 is confusing (CLI, Windows)

Why missing directory error on restore, gives same error message than data corruption, which was just recovered by luck?

Found 2 missing volumes; attempting to replace blocks from existing volumes
Found 2 missing volumes; attempting to replace blocks from existing volumes

→ error level 2

Creating missing folder [blah-blah-blah] for file [blah-blah-blah-moar-blah]

→ error level 2

Afaik, it’s funny that create missing folder is as serious error (which it of course recovered by creating a directory, which shouldn’t have been error at all (?)) than data corruption which just by luck happened to get recovered this time and very slowly from data files.

duplicati.commandline.exe help errorlevel

Duplicati reports the following return/exit codes:
0 - Success
1 - Successful operation, but no files were changed
2 - Successful operation, but with warning(s)
3 - For backup: finished with error(s), for test: error(s) found on the backend
50 - Backup uploaded some files, but did not finish
100 - An error occurred
200 - Invalid commandline arguments found

Good list sure. But the actual question is, why creating a directory when restoring a backup is a reason for warning? And why it’s “missing folder”, when I restore stuff to empty restore directory?

Sure, that’s a file which I backup with full path and filename. And the specific path isn’t backed up otherwise, only that file. Maybe there’s a logic error in that case, which causes it to trigger a warning?

Maybe. Truth to be told, I have a gazillion problems to consider and I evaluate this one as ‘not urgent’. If someone wants to tackle it and proposes a PR that is easy to follow, I’m ready to merge it ASAP. If it’s not easy to follow, or if there is no PR at all - far more likely-, it will have to wait.

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