exFAT drives and USN

Does anyone know if there’s something that’s the equivalent of USN on exFAT drives? I have some data on an exFAT drive that I would like to include in a backup but don’t want to have to do a scan of all the files every time the drive is backed up.

Microsoft’s File System Functionality Comparison page at Journaling and Change Log seems to say no.

Ah. Too bad. Thanks. I have read about the TexFAT journaling extensions but can’t find out where this is implemented except in IOT devices.

If you find a way, please post. All I could find quickly was articles (including Microsoft’s) saying no way.

I don’t know if this is what you mean, but exFAT has a TexFAT in WinCE as a transactional file system.

Comparison of file systems says it has Metadata-only journaling where the Rationale fits transactions.

Transaction-Safe FAT File System mentions TexFAT.

Note that in the Comparison above, the exFAT line mentioning TexFAT has a flat No to File Change Log.

A file change log differs from a file system’s journal.

so when searching for a solution, please look for something useful to the application, not internal to FS.