"Exclude file" XnView.db - does not exclude it


to my surprise, a big database file was always included, now I can investigate - and I know this is pure fun - how to remove it out of the backup storage. Accidentally adding huge files btw. is a big problem. How to remove them - it’s IMO not doable for an average person like me.

I have set an exclude filter in my backup - in the Duplicati UI. Just like this:

Screenshot 2022-01-04 110930

The file resides in “c:\Users\Michel\appdata\Roaming\XnViewMP\XnView.db”

Why is it included? Do I need to add placeholders anywhere? Regex or just the simple matching, cmd style?


Solved it. In the command line I see, they all just use --exclude flag. “Exclude file extension” adds the necessary asterisk, “Exclude file” does not add anything. It is confusing. The UI changed “Exclude file” to “Exclude expression” btw. after save. “Exclude file” IMO could be stripped out. It does only add confusion and does not work.

The UI should answer some typical questions in place. Do I need placeholders? Do I need to use Regex? Is case a thing?

Those work now (thumbs.db filter is on purpose, it’s a bit greedy but no problem. It’s because I need to filter the well known thumbs.db, but also thumb.db):

Screenshot 2022-01-04 112623

Although one might argue about when things should be added, this one added before you type file name:


although arguably *\ would have been tighter. Click on clear spot of field and type file name, and it’s set.

It works if you take the hint of its *. Manual doesn’t cover this well, and unfortunately neither does the GUI.
Unlike some wildcard systems, Duplicati * will cross path separator characters (backslash on Windows).
Ultimately, a complete path needs to be matched. Regular expressions also work, but are more difficult…

There is not specifically an “Exclude file” in the Filters syntax, but the * before filename approximates one.
The GUI on next look doesn’t know you originally used the friendlier (?) “Exclude file” to create expression.
You can see what the dropdown filter-builder generated if you look at Edit as text from three-dot menu.