Especificaciones para entorno de producción

quisiera saber que especificaciones necesitaría para que duplicati haga copia de seguridad mínimamente a 30 equipos simultáneamente cuanto de ram y procesador requeriría un entorno de este nivel para implementación empresarial

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I would like to know what specifications I would need for duplicati to back up at least 30 computers simultaneously, how much ram and processor would an environment of this level require for business implementation?

but I don’t know if anyone reading this has ever tested such a configuration. Even for a single computer, requirements depend on size of the backup and the number of files. Duplicati is also best run directly on computer (even more so if it’s Windows because it can sometimes use usn-policy to reduce scan time). Scanning over a network of some sort (what sort?) will likely be slower than scanning directly to a drive.

You must also consider whether all 30 computers will always be on (if one is off, backup hangs or dies), whether there is any need to privacy/security protect one person or computer against the 29 other ones, and how you plan to do restore in the given plan. Duplicati works well for one person and one computer, however growing beyond one raises a lot of questions. I’ve summarized a few here. For more thoughts:

There are commercial solutions aimed at what you want, but in the free-software world, lots of products seem (like Duplicati) not well aimed at easy operation with a lot computers. There may be exceptions, if you can say something more about the systems, your setup, and how you think you will be operating it.


is another question if you really mean at the exact same time. Duplicati backups run one at a time for a given Duplicati, but you can set up many Duplicati (using more resources) if you need “simultaneously”. Your network might feel the strain too, if you do too much at once, but if spread out, will it finish in time?

So in addition to the “how much” question, there’s a “how often” question that applies to the planning…

Veeam Agent Management Infrastructure is how one expensive backup system distributes its functions.
Duplicati doesn’t have agents; it has itself. Remote reporting is very possible, management is less easy. Especially if this is Windows, running directly on the computer also lets one use VSS to get locked files.


Permissions to access the files to be backed up can also be easier when software is run on the system. Just above, I gave an example of a commercial system that I think is pretty expensive. There are some commercial systems for smaller businesses, and at least one open source client/server backup system.

Basically you should figure out your needs and go looking. If Duplicati looks like it fits, we can talk more.