Errors when using Local target

Hi I tried Duplicati, setting 2 backup jobs (Smart in my memory), one daily for usual docs/music/pictures/desktop, the other weekly for the videos, both with Sources only defined by their paths (user1\Docs, user1\Pictures…, user4\Videos).
I used the same Target path (top folder “E:\Duplicati Backups”).
I manually launched the daily one, took a long while ~4h, then the weekly one ran ~8h. Then I wanted to try again the daily one and I got an error about something like “~Other files found on remote storage~”.
I tried repair DB, but still I got error.
In the end I deleted everything, created a dedicated target “E:\Duplicati Videos Backups”) and all went fine without error.

Is it intended or unmanaged config case please ?

Thank you

Different backups should always be stored in separate folders/locations.

Thank you for clarification. Isn’t this point worth a test/check/notification in the soft on “Save” & main screen and/or in Storage Providers leading section if not feasable?

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Agreed that testing if the remote folder is empty would be useful and should be quite easy to add (I guess).

Added a note in the documentation here (in Step 2 of the “Creating a new backup job” section). I guess it fits better there than in the “Storage Providers” section, which is more a reference section than a setup guide.

Thanks man. Although I can’t see it.

For some reason, the docs site doesn’t sync from the source files at Github since december last year.
Hopefully @kenkendk can take a look soon and fix the issue.

Updated docs are here.

@kenkendk fixed the problem, changes from the source files are now synced with the documentation site.
Updated docs can be found here (scroll down a bit to the “Backup destination” step) .

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